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Yay, summer is coming! Well, actually, it's arrived earlier than expected! Wondering when the summer officially starts? If you are a little puzzled, don't worry: here are five unmistakable signs that summer is here! 1. Everyone complains about the heat In winter, it is way too cold and in summer, it's way too hot. It's never perfect, is it? Our tip: Just walk around in a new bikini. 2. It's bright outside too early Unless you have to get out of bed every morning at five o'clock, blackout curtains or at least a sleep mask in the summer are indispensable. 3. The return of the Sunday cyclists As punctual as the first waves of heat, the aspiring Tour de France winners are back with their expensive bikes and a complete lack of control. Invest in a powerful car horn and if you can't beat them, join them! 4. The mosquitoes are back again If the fair weather cyclists weren't irritating enough, you have these bloodthirsty insects to deal with every night! Holiday tip: In Iceland, there ar
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You are always by her side, her eternal accomplice, the one she can bank on through good times and bad – and now you are her maid of honour on her big day! This great privilege comes with its share of responsibilities, but there’s no reason for you to panic. Lesara is here to help with 6 valuable tips on how bridesmaids and maids of honour can shine this wedding season! 1. Organise an unforgettable hen party As a bridesmaid, you have an important role in the planning of this special event. Make sure you know what the
The role of a bridesmaid
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Glorious sunshine, golden sands, cool beverages and the perfect summer body… now wouldn’t that be a dream summer! Get ready to flaunt your stylish Lesara swimwear this season with these easy and healthy recipes, perfect for getting back in shape in time for your beach holiday! Breakfast Start your day with a fruity drink! It rejuvenates, is rich in nutrients and vitamins and above all, is a great mood lifter! The lime and pineapple twist in our recipe is delicious and known for its calorie burning properties! Fat Bu
Whether you're jetting off somewhere exotic or simply catching some rays on the balcony this summer, now is the time to start thinking about creating your perfect summer wardrobe. At Lesara, you can find the styles that are set to be the hottest trends of the summer. Ready to discover them? Let's go! For a stroll in the sun What's better than a summer stroll? A summer stroll in a killer outfit! The most important thing to master this look is a good pair of shoes. Taking a walk in the sweet sunshine is fu
Light and airy – perfect for warm days!
Best-dressed at the beach!
Winston Churchill once said: " I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me ". Ethanol has been the world's answer to boredom, heartbreak, depression and indecision since time began. There's little wonder that we seem so intrigued by it! After one or two bevvies at our after-hours office party ourselves, we came up with the idea of putting together a cocktail horoscope (we thought it was a great idea at the time...OK!). And, the results were well... interesting! Read on to find out!
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