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We recently had the exciting opportunity to get up close and personal with yet another young and dynamic face of Lesara. In this interview, successful model Roque shares his style secrets along with a few of his favourites with us... 1. Name: Roque 2. Age: 31 3. Nationality: Brazilian 4. Instagram name: @rockarrais 5. Height: 184 cm 6. Clothing size: M 7. What is your favourite... ...thing about modeling? The chance to travel and get to know different countries and cultures around the globe. ...item from today’s photoshoot? Today’s shoot was a blast overall! All the outfits were great. And of course the crew was simply amazing. I feel blessed to be a part of this :) ...styling secret/hack? I don’t have any grand secrets. I like to keep it simple, so jeans and plain T-shirts are my style staples. ...thing about your body? My brain! That's what keeps me motivated, the rest falls into place. in the world? I don't have an answer to that question yet. Perhaps you can ask me whe
Roque (front left) with the crew!
Forget the spring cleaning, we're all about the autumn decorating this season! The first step? Declutter! Our advice is to remember the words of William Morris when you're thinking about which items you want to keep and which you are ready to let go of: Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful Getting rid of stuff can be hard, but making space is essential for creating functional and beautiful interiors. Once the decluttering is complete, the next thing to do is read our t
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Every stylish wardrobe is built on solid foundations. And, what better way to build these foundations than to have a group of staples that go with any outfit. You may have a fancy selection of clothing, but without the right neutral items, your look isn't balanced. Check out Lesara's finest basics that bring out the best in you! Little black dress A classic amongst classics: the little black dress is a must-have in anyone's wardrobe. Classy, stylish, powerful, versatile ... is there anything this garment can't be? Comb
The glorious autumn days are just around the corner and that means getting our wardrobes ready for the season change. We’ve put together a stunning selection of our plus size fall favourites with a fresh dose of fashion inspiration to get through the new season in style! A walk in the woods... There’s nothing that matches up to the beauty of a walk through the woods in autumn, surrounded by red and gold foliage at your feet! This cargo jacket will help you beat the nip in the air, the trainers will k
Stylish and warm: ready for autumn!
Fab floral fall fashion!
The leaves are beginning to change colour, the temperature is steadily falling and you're subconsciously adding more and more layers to your outfit – you might have to finally admit that the summer will soon be over. There's no need to be glum about it though, a change of season = a change of wardrobe, and we're all for it! The best place to start for a wardrobe revamp? Shoes! To help you get through the summertime sadness, we've collected our fave footwear from the 2018 fall collection, all under £40, e
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