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Lesara insolvency proceedings: All questions at a glance


Can I keep ordering on Lesara despite the insolvency?

Yes, our service continues unrestricted. We look forward to you shopping with us. If you have found something you like, then please order it. Currently, we have many great offers – also in our Christmas shop.

Lesara - Logistikzentrum Erfurt

I have ordered something on Lesara. Can the delivery be delayed?

We are proud of the fact that we almost always keep our delivery promise, often even delivering earlier. However, delays can occur in individual cases. You can check the status of your order online, at any time. If the delivery time exceeds the estimate given at the time of placing your order, please contact us via the Contact Form, so that we can help you as soon as possible.

If I want to return something, do I get my money back?

If you want something in a different colour or size, or are dissatisfied with something, you can of course send it back. The money will be refunded as usual using the payment method originally chosen. You can find more information on returns here.

What is insolvency?

Put simply, insolvency means the inability to make payments. Such insolvency always occurs when a debtor, in this case Lesara, can no longer meet its payment obligations. We have grown immensely in recent years, and have now had to initiate a preliminary standard procedure due to a sudden stagnation in financing .

Will Lesara continue to exist in the future?

Our goal is to put Lesara back on a solid financial footing with the help of a financial partner. The prospects are good: Lesara is a fundamentally healthy company with a competitive business model. Therefore, many investors are very interested in supporting us in the future.

What happens to Lesara employees?

The wages of our employees are secured for the coming months. Business operations can, therefore, continue without restriction until the investor solution is finalised. We are very pleased that our employees, under the special circumstances, continue to provide strong support to the company. Everyone is highly motivated and working together on the common goal of getting Lesara back on the road to success.

Lesara - Mitarbeiter

What happens to Lesara customers?

Our customers can continue to shop on the website or via the app without hesitation or any restriction, and discover new products online every day.

Lesara - Logistikzentrum Erfurt II

What happens to Lesara Erfurt?

There were rumours in the media that the move to our new logistics centre in Erfurt was the reason for the insolvency. That's not true. The path of restructuring became necessary because financing was not available during a phase of growth and expansion. This financing gap is now being closed together with investors. Operation in Erfurt is continuing unrestricted, just as at the other locations. Although the move to Erfurt resulted in delayed deliveries initially, orders are being delivered Europe-wide on time again.

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