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For many people around the globe, this is one of the most anticipated events of the year! Traditions following up to the big day can begin as early on as November, (or even earlier if you’re an early-bird-shopper!), and include cooking special types of food, decorating the home or workplace, and listening to favourite festive songs. For lots of families, preparing and eating food is a large factor in celebrating, including gingerbread, mince pies & traditional cake or pudding. With the leadup to the celebration taking weeks, and Christmas day often rolling-over all the way to New Year, it can be an expensive time of year. But it doesn’t have to be! One of the best ways to reduce the cost is to focus on online shopping, leaving plenty of time to shop around to find the best deals. The Lesara online shop has an amazing range of cheap gifts, decorations, kitchen accessories & more to make 2018 a stress-free & money-conscious operation!

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy gift shopping without the stress? The Lesara Christmas Shop can help that dream become a reality! Tired of trudging from shop to shop looking for the perfect gift before settling for something over-priced and not quite what you were looking for? Find everything you need (and perhaps some things you didn’t even know you needed!) in one place - the Lesara Shop! We’ve got everything from cheap tech gifts and trending toys to elegant jewellery and watches, all with fantastic discounts and available to buy now!

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When should I start putting up festive decorations?

Every family will have many of their own traditions when it comes to celebrating, decorating and dining. However, some people still insist that there is a certain etiquette when it comes to when you can start celebrating, especially when is the right time to begin decorating.

It is thought that the Romans waited until after 12 noon on the 24th December before putting up their decorative trees. This tradition seems to be long gone as it is often seen throughout the UK that trees are brought inside and decorated most commonly either on the 1st December or on the second Saturday of December.

When it comes to taking down decorations, it is widely most people think it’s bad luck to still have them up past the Twelfth Night, (aka, the 5th January!).

Creating a cosy ambience, inside & out!

Wreaths, candles, tinsel, baubles, angels, stockings, nativity scenes, LED lights & anything sparkly! Festive ambience on a budget is actually very easy to create, if you know the best places to buy your festive cheer from. For families with young children, DIY decorating is a cheap & fun alternative to store bought decorations, especially when buying them in the midst of the festive season. Get inspired at the Lesara Christmas Shop and find a range of DIY & cheap decorations already at reduced prices, that don’t compromise on cheer & style.

How is Christmas celebrated around the world?

Although it may have begun as a celebration just in religious calendars, it is now a holiday marked in many places around the world. This is a special time to join together with family and friends to exchange gifts, play charades and eat food. In the UK, the 24th December is known as Xmas Eve, the next day is of course Xmas Day, and the day after is called Boxing Day. These three days together are national holidays, giving individuals the chance to travel to meet with family - and to buy last minute Christmas gifts or to go sale hunting, of course!

Christmas Traditions

What’s Christmas without tradition? Whether it’s silly games, a recipe which is a family secret or simply decorating the tree together, there are lots of things that are both unique and similar for lots of people celebrating the event every year. At Lesara, here are some of our favourite traditions:

Decorating the tree

Is your tree decorated perfectly symmetrical with all the baubles matching? Or do you prefer attempting to throw on as much tinsel and LED lights on it as possible? Either way, decorating the tree has become symbolic all over the globe and creates that ‘Christmassy’ feeling in any household. It is common to see stockings being hung in or around the tree, partly as decoration and partly in the hopes that Santa will fill them with treats!

Stocking filler ideas:

Finding small funny & thoughtful gifts to fill stockings with is sometimes a difficult task. Kids stockings are sometimes a little easier to fill as they are very content with sweets, chocolate or small gadgets such as fidget spinners. For adults, why not fill with favourite perfumes, new pairs of socks or maybe even something handmade!

Exchanging gifts

If you’re good you get presents, if you’re bad you get a lump of coal! Santa Claus is a symbol of charity and represents the joy of giving, and is important to the Xmas tradition. Young children leave snacks by the fireplace such as mince pies for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve to give him energy to travel around the globe delivering gifts. When they wake the next morning they will find (if they have been good that year!), that gifts have appeared under the tree and that the snacks have been eaten!

The gift of giving...

Still haven’t got all your presents sorted for this year? Don’t worry, you can check out our festive Shop now. We’ve got all sorts of ideas for the whole family at discounted prices. All products are online and available now!

Advent calendars

Traditionally, the first little door on an advent calendar is opened on the 1st December. Kids and adults alike can open one door of their advent calendar each day on the lead up to the holidays. Usually there is a small chocolate or sweet behind each door, however there are hundreds of different designs for advent calendars. DIY enthusiasts can make their own calendar and of course put anything they want behind the doors!

Here are a few examples of some quirky & individual advent calendars:

  • Different types of cheeses
  • Beauty products
  • Perfume samples
  • Small toys
  • Different types of beer

Carol singing

Traditional carols include “Ding Dong Merrily On High”, “Silent Night” & “Good King Wenceslas”. Carols can be enjoyed on compilation CD’s, on the radio or – for the best effect – at a carol singing concert. Concerts come in all forms, from primary school concerts to church services, to groups of friends singing on the street! It is also popular for young children to perform in Nativity Plays held at their schools which recounts the story of the Nativity of Jesus.

Playing Charades

One of the best parts about having the whole family together is playing games together! A classic to play around this time of year is charades. Incase you aren’t already acquainted with the game, here’s a quick rundown on how to play:

  • One player starts the game. This play must think (without telling any of the other players) of a book title, a saying or phrase, a movie title, the name of a famous person, or song

  • He/ she must now try and make the other players guess what they are thinking of, without making any noise! This can be done by acting, moving the body, making hand gestures and/ or with facial expressions

  • The first person to guess what the player was miming gets a point and it is now their turn next

Another favourite family game to play at this time of year is Pictionary. Here’s a quick guide on how to play:

  • Before you start, you should have a pile of cards with different words on each with varying levels of drawing difficulty. Divide into 2 teams, and decide who will go first

  • Taking it in turns, teams should nominate 1 team member who will go to the front and pick up a card. There is a time limit of 30 seconds for the player to draw (without using any words) what they see on their card.

  • If their team correctly guesses what their teammate is drawing, at any time during their allotted 30 seconds, they receive 1 point. If the team doesn’t manage to guess what has been drawn, then the competing team can guess and receive 1 point. The team with the most points wins!!

The best Christmas Markets of 2018

The markets popping up around this time of year come from an old tradition originating from Germany. Despite this, every year bigger and better markets pop up all over the UK with growing popularity. Most of these markets are made up of authentic looking wooden stalls selling sweets, crafts, beer & much more! Most have international stalls with traders from all over Europe. The types of venues range from village squares to city centers. Some take place just over the weekends leading up to the holidays, whereas others open up in November and are open every all day every day. Make sure you don’t miss out, here’s a list of some of the most popular markets running in the UK this year:

Christmas Market Calendar 2018

Starts on
Ends on

Victoria Square, New Street
10am – 9pm

Grey's Monument, Grey Street & Grainger Street

Cardiff city centre

Millennium Square
10.30am – 9.30pm

Manchester city centre
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